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Residence Papenhoef

In the middle of the Groene Hart and next to the Hollandsche IJssel in Oudewater (The Netherlands), there is a new real estate project for twelve exclusive apartments: Residence Papenhoef. View project

Visual communication / website / exposition

Kenniscentrum Creating 010: Retailution

Retailution is the result of two years of research made by students and teachers of Hogeschool Rotterdam. Realized together with retailers and retail stakeholders. View project

Brand identity / website

Friday & Co Shipbrokers

Brokers with sea legs! Friday & Co Shipbrokers is the perfect choice if you need to buy or sell dry or heavy cargo ships, coasters and tankers. Their name refers to the time that deals often were closed on a Friday. View project

Redesign website / UX design

The cheapest car rental in the Netherlands – and machine rental and self-storage – is the widely known They’ve been around for decades using their same old identity. Time for a renewal! View project



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